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No updates have been implemented in this release.



  1. Single Menu: Merchants can now effortlessly create a single menu for their offerings, streamlining the process of plan creation and updates.
  2. Voucher: Introducing maximum daily discount and monthly usage limit for vouchers, providing merchants with enhanced control over promotions.
  3. Subscription Customization: Users now have the flexibility to postpone or pause subscriptions on specific weekdays (e.g., every Thursday, Saturday, etc.).
    1. Date Range Selection: There is an option to select a specific date range for postponing or pausing subscriptions, adding greater control for users.
  4. Packaging Report Filter by Plan: A new feature to filter by plan name in the packaging report is now available, upon request by restaurants.


  1. Financials: Optimized the performance of viewing SaaS financials in the portal for a more efficient experience.
  2. Create Subscription: Improved user experience by filtering delivery windows during subscription creation to display only those supported based on the customer’s location and city.
  3. Cancel Credits: Portal users now have the flexibility to cancel, pause, or postpone a subscription, disregarding cancel credits.
  4. Products Import: Simplified the product import process into three steps: upload product data, download a nutrition template, and upload product nutrition data.
  5. Logistics Support in Marketplace: Merchants can now offer logistics support in the yumealz Marketplace application, enhancing their service capabilities.
  6. Voucher and Map Tool Reorganization: These tools have been streamlined under a new voucher folder for easier access.
  7. Direct Complaint Submission: A simplified process to raise complaints directly from the subscription page has been implemented.
  8. Enhanced Customer Search: Improvements in the customer search functionality within the notification sending feature, including a new search button and refined control when using the Enter key.
  9. Subscription Cancellation Control: The option to cancel a subscription is now disabled when there are no confirmed or paused days.
  10. Product Status Display: The active status of products is now visibly indicated under restaurant categories.
  11. Sidebar Navigation Improvement: The active route on the sidebar is now highlighted for better navigation.
  12. Subscription Creation Enhancements: General improvements have been made for a more streamlined process in creating subscriptions.
  13. Revamped Suborder Page: A new, well-structured view for the suborder page has been introduced.
  14. Mobile Responsive Suborders Table: The suborders table view is now optimized for mobile devices.
  15. Enhanced Commenting System: Comments can now be added to models such as Complaint, Customer Location, Subscription, and Suborders, serving as references for future use.
  16. New SaaS Financial Permission: A separate financial permission feature for SaaS has been introduced and restaurants can now hide their financials from certain dashboard users.
  17. App Filter in Plan Tags View: Improved functionality and user experience in the Plan Tags View with the addition of an App Filter.

Bug Fixes

  1. Change location: Changing sub-order’s location to a new zone might also change its delivery window if the current is not supported
  2. Transfer Subscription: SaaS portal users can seamlessly move a subscription to another plan.
  3. Canceling Subscription: Addressed an issue where canceling a subscription from the portal falsely marked the sub-order with “Canceled By Customer.”
  4. Enhanced Loading Indication: A loading bar has been added when selecting a customer location during subscription creation.
  5. BoQ Load Timing: The Bill of Quantities (BoQ) now loads correctly after the cities are loaded.
  6. Accurate Checkout Summary: Corrections have been made to display the correct numbers in the order summary during subscription creation.

Portal (internal – yumealz users)



Bug Fixes

  1. Restaurant Addition Control: The ‘Add Restaurant’ button is now disabled during the processing of the first submission to prevent duplication or errors.


  1. A cutting-edge analysis feature has been integrated into QuickSight, designed to provide the operations team with comprehensive insights into driver performance during their shifts. This enhancement focuses on empowering Shift Managers with detailed visibility into each captain’s performance metrics. A key component of this new analysis is the ability to monitor the elapsed time since each driver’s last delivery, enabling managers to optimize shift productivity and enhance overall delivery efficiency.


Locked Customer Names During Active Subscriptions: To maintain consistency and avoid operation issues, customer names can no longer be changed while they have an active subscription.



Subscription Plan Transfers: Users can now seamlessly transfer their subscription to a different plan, offering greater flexibility.

Transfer subscription to another plan: An important feature is now online, where portal users can now transfer the subscription to another plan. As a result, all selected options will be randomized and the customer will be notified

Change pickup branch: Updating the branch of a pickup sub-order is now online. Portal users can easily change the pickup branch to another one.


Filter by Zone in Suborders: A new filter has been added to the suborders table, allowing users to sort and view data by specific zones.

Minimum Start-After Period: To enhance the operational efficiency of Yumealz, a minimum ‘start_after’ period of 2 days has been enforced for restaurants and plans.

Displaying Voucher Source in Table: The vouchers table now shows the app source for each voucher, providing users with better visibility and control over voucher origins.

Change meals: Users will be allowed to change the meals of a confirmed order as long as its date is in the future

Canceling/Adding Orders: Cancelling or adding a single sub-order is protected by the kitchen deadline. This helps in reducing the operation hassle when dealing with new/canceled orders that might disrupt the logistic plan.

Bug Fixes

Fix Cancellation Process for MP Subscriptions for SaaS users

  • Error Handling and Clarity: SaaS users attempting to cancel a MarketPlace subscription will now receive a clear error message. The cancellation popup has been optimized to improve user understanding and experience.

Fix Deposit Points after cancelling a subscription

  • Resolved App-ID Issue: Fixed the ‘app-id is missing’ error encountered by SaaS users when depositing points.
  • Accurate Deposit Amounts: Deposit point calculations have been corrected to ensure the correct amount is processed.
  • Visibility of Cancelled Days: Users will now see the number of days cancelled after cancelling a subscription, enhancing UX.

Bug Fix in Postponing Subscriptions: A previously identified bug affecting subscription postponement has been successfully fixed.

Paused subscription: Subscriptions won’t be finished if there are pause days left

User Agreement

The user acknowledges that yumealz is a food delivery and logistics company only (delivers and is not liable for any issues that occur from the vendors) 

yumealz promises to do its best if any issues happen during the user journey with us, and will take all actions to correct any issues within its powers.

Subscription Cancellation

yumealz holds all rights to cancel any subscription plan without the user’s confirmation. Subscription fees will be refunded after the evaluation of yumealz. 

In the case of delivered days, fees will be deducted before refunding the remaining amount.

The app provides customers with the option to cancel their subscription and receive a refund for the remaining days in their app wallet. However, the subscription management period listed in the provider profile (2 or 3 days) will be excluded. Refunds will be calculated prior to the application of any discount codes.

In the event that the quantities or weights are different from what is offered, the customer has the right to file a complaint to cancel the order within the first three days only.

Subscription Pause

yumealz holds all rights to pause any subscription plan without the confirmation of the user. Subscriptions might be paused during official/non-official national/international leave and vacation days.


In the case of refunds, the amount refunded takes from 5 to 15 days to be deposited back based on the medium used to pay for the subscriptions and the user bank.

A 7.5% processing fee will be deducted when a refund is applied from the undiscounted amount.


All listed product information is delivered from the vendors and is frequently updated.

Some products might require slight component changes due to shortages or availability. 

All listed images are for marketing purposes, and some differences might be present when receiving the meals.

Listed products might have any of the following allergens: Milk, Eggs, Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod), Crustacean shellfish (e.g., crab, lobster, shrimp), Tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans), Peanuts, Wheat, Soybeans.

Subscription exchange

We currently do not support subscription exchanges between users.

The feature is under development.

Meal change request

In the event of a meal change request, the app requires the user to request the change two or three days in advance before the actual delivery time depending on the restaurant subscription management period listed in each provider profile, to explain further, if the user requests a change, the request should be submitted in advance before the actual delivery window and before 11:59 pm to be exact (2 or 3 days in advance).

Meal date transfer change request

In the event of a meal date transfer request, the app requires the user to request the change two or three days before the actual delivery time depending on the restaurant’s subscription management period listed in each provider profile, to explain further, if the user requests a change, the request should be submitted in advance before the actual delivery window and before 11:59 pm to be exact (2 or 3 days in advance).

Location change

The app allows the user to set up two locations, in the case of a location change, the app requires the user to request the change two or three days in advance before the actual delivery time depending on the restaurant subscription management period listed in each provider profile, to explain further, if the user requests a change, the request should be submitted in advance before the actual delivery window and before 11:59 pm to be exact (2 or 3 days in advance).

In the case of adding a secondary location, yumealz is not committed to delivering in the chosen time window but we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Delivery Promos/Free Delivery vouchers

In the case of using a free delivery discount code, an additional fee will be required when changing the location.

Time window change

In the case of a time window change, the app requires the user to request the change two or three days in advance before the actual delivery time depending on the restaurant subscription management period listed in each provider profile, to explain further, if the user requests a change, the request should be submitted in advance before the actual delivery window and before 11:59 pm to be exact (2 or 3 days in advance).

yumealz reserves the right to modify the requested time window in the event that it reaches full capacity, which could have an impact on service quality or the planned route.


In case of complaints, customers have 48 hours after the meal delivery to file a complaint about their order. After this window, the order is considered complete and closed.

Yumealz Delivery Policy

Policy Overview:

This **Meal Delivery Policy** is designed to provide guidelines and procedures for the successful and efficient delivery of meals to our valued customers. We aim to ensure that the delivery process is safe, reliable, and meets our customers’ expectations.

Accurate Address Information:

Customers are responsible for providing accurate and complete delivery address information when placing their orders. This includes house or building number, street name, city, postal code, picture of the building, and any specific delivery instructions.

The delivery address provided by the customer will be used as the primary reference point for all deliveries. Drivers are instructed to follow the information provided and rely on GPS or navigation tools as necessary.

In cases of incomplete or unclear address information, drivers should make reasonable attempts to contact the customer for clarification. If contact is unsuccessful, drivers may use their best judgment to locate the address safely.

When delivering goods to a workplace, our drivers will leave the order at the workplace’s reception area. Yumealz will not assume any liability for any loss or damage to goods once they have been delivered.

It is the customer’s responsibility to promptly retrieve their meal from the doorstep to ensure food safety and quality. Yumealz will not assume any liability for any loss or damage to goods once they have been delivered and left at the doorstep.

Waiting Time Upon Arrival:

Drivers are expected to arrive at the designated delivery location within a reasonable time frame as per the estimated delivery time provided to the customer.

Upon arrival at the delivery location, drivers are required to wait for a maximum of 10 minutes for the customer to receive the meal. During this time, drivers should make reasonable attempts to contact the customer if they are unable to deliver the meal immediately.

If the customer is unavailable or unresponsive after the 10-minute waiting period, the driver would have no choice but to move to the next customer, and your order will be deemed as delivered to you.

Failure of Delivery During Bad Weather Conditions, Heavy Traffic Flow or Unforeseen Incidences

In the event of adverse weather conditions, heavy traffic flow, or unforeseen incidences that may compromise driver safety or the quality of the meal, Yumealz will not guarantee the delivery of the order. In such a case, your order will be deemed as delivered.

Drivers should exercise their best judgment to assess the safety of the delivery route and the quality of service during bad weather conditions. If they believe that the delivery cannot be made safely or without compromising food quality, they should contact the dispatch or support team.

In the case of a delayed or postponed delivery due to bad weather, Yumealz support team should promptly notify the customer about the situation.

Customer Notification:

In cases where a delivery cannot be completed due to inaccurate address information, extended waiting time, or bad weather conditions, the customer will be promptly notified of the situation.


All records related to customer communication, delivery delays, and address-related issues should be maintained for future reference and dispute resolution.

Customer Feedback and Support:

Our customer support team is available to address customer inquiries, concerns, or disputes related to meal delivery. Customers are encouraged to contact us if they encounter any issues with their orders.

This Meal Delivery Policy is subject to periodic review and updates as needed to ensure its effectiveness. All drivers and customer service staff should be familiar with and adhere to these guidelines for consistent and satisfactory meal delivery services.


Yumealz reserves the right to partly or fully modify this Policy. Yumealz will inform you of any substantial changes as soon as they are introduced.


Yumealz does not and will not request you to provide any personal or payment information through email. Yumealz accepts no responsibility for any costs, charges, or payments made as a result of fraudulent activity.



الشروط والأحكام

 يقر المستخدم بأن يوميلز هي شركة توصيل الطعام والخدمات اللوجستية فقط (تقوم بالتوصيل وليست مسؤولة عن أي مشكلات تحدث من البائعين).


تتعهد يوميلز ببذل قصارى جهدها في حالة حدوث أي مشاكل أثناء رحلة المستخدم معنا، وستتخذ جميع الإجراءات لتصحيح أي مشكلات ضمن صلاحياتها.


إلغاء الاشتراك

يحق ليوميلز الغاء الاشتراك واعادة المبلغ المتبقي كاملاً.


يحق للعميل الغاء الاشتراك وإرجاع المبلغ المتبقي في محفظة التطبيق واعطاء المدة الزمنية المحددة والمذكورة في ملف مزور الخدمة كإنذار (يومين او ثلاثة) وعدم احتساب اي كوبونات.


في حالة الأيام التي قد سلمت، سيتم خصم الرسوم قبل إعادة المبلغ المتبقي.


في حال اختلاف الكميات أو الأوزان عن المعروض، يحق للعميل رفع شكوى لإلغاء الطلب خلال أول ثلاثة أيام فقط.


الإيقاف المؤقت في الاشتراك

تمتلك يوميلز جميع الحقوق لإيقاف أي خطة اشتراك مؤقتًا دون تأكيد المستخدم. قد يتم إيقاف الاشتراكات مؤقتًا خلال أيام الإجازة الرسمية / غير الرسمية الوطنية / الدولية وأيام الإجازة.


المبالغ المستردة

في حالة المبالغ المستردة ، يستغرق المبلغ المسترد من 5 إلى 15 يومًا ليتم إيداعه مرة أخرى بناءً على الوسيط المستخدم لدفع رسوم الاشتراك والبنك المستخدم.


سيتم خصم 7.5٪ من رسوم المعالجة عند إلغاء و استرداد مبلغ الاشتراك من قيمة الطلب قبل الخصم.



يتم تسليم جميع معلومات المنتجات المدرجة من البائعين ويتم تحديثها بشكل مستمر.


قد تتطلب بعض المنتجات تغييرات طفيفة في المكونات بسبب النقص أو التوافر.


جميع الصور المدرجة في التطبيق لغرض التسويق وبعض الاختلافات قد تكون موجودة عند تلقي الوجبات الفعلية.


قد تحتوي المنتجات المدرجة على أي من المواد المسببة للحساسية التالية: الحليب والبيض والأسماك (على سبيل المثال ، القاروص والسمك المفلطح و سمك القد) والمحار القشري (مثل سرطان البحر كركند (لوبستر) والروبيان) والمكسرات (مثل اللوز والجوز وعين الجمل) والفول السوداني والقمح وفول الصويا، يتحمل العميل مسؤولية تبليغ فريق يوميلز في حال وجود حساسية من اي منتج.


تبديل الاشتراك

لا ندعم حاليًا تبادل الاشتراك بين المستخدمين.


الميزة قيد التطوير.


طلب تغيير تاريخ يوم  الوجبة

في حالة طلب تغيير تاريخ يوم الوجبة ، يطلب النظام من المستخدم طلب التغيير حسب سياسة المطعم أي قبل يومين او ثلاثة حسب المطعم من وقت التسليم الفعلي ، لتوضيح المزيد ، إذا طلب المستخدم التغيير، يجب تقديم الطلب قبل يومين أو ثلاثة أيام من موعد التسليم الفعلي وقبل الساعة 11:59 مساءً على وجه الدقة.موضح في ملف مزود الخدمة عدد الايام المطلوبة للتغير.


طلب تغيير موعد الوجبة

في حالة طلب نقل تاريخ الوجبة ، يطلب النظام من المستخدم طلب التغيير حسب سياسة المطعم أي قبل يومين او ثلاثة ايام من وقت التسليم الفعلي، لمزيد من التوضيح ، إذا طلب المستخدم التغيير ، يجب تقديم الطلب قبل يومين أو ثلاثة من التسليم الفعلي، وقبل الساعة 11:59 مساءً على وجه الدقة. موضح في ملف مزود الخدمة عدد الايام المطلوبة للتغير.


تغيير الموقع

يسمح التطبيق للمستخدم بإعداد موقعين ، في حالة تغيير الموقع، يُطلب من المستخدم تنبيه خدمة العملاء قبل يومين او ثلاثة حسب المطعم من وقت التسليم الفعلي ، لتوضيح المزيد ، إذا طلب المستخدم التغيير، يجب تقديم الطلب قبل يومين أو ثلاثة أيام من موعد التسليم الفعلي وقبل الساعة 11:59 مساءً على وجه الدقة.موضح في ملف مزود الخدمة عدد الايام المطلوبة للتغير.


برامج التوصيل المدعوم/المخفض/المجاني

في حالة استخدام كود خصم التوصيل المجاني، سيتم طلب رسوم إضافية عند تغيير الموقع.


تغيير نافذة التوصيل


نحاول قدر الإمكان تلبية تفضيلات المستخدم في اوقات التوصيل ولكن قد يضطر فريق العمليات التأخرعن نافذة التوصيل المختارة.


في حالة تغيير نافذة التوصيل من قبل العميل، يُطلب من المستخدم تقديم الطلب عبر التطبيق قبل يومين او ثلاثة حسب المطعم من وقت التسليم الفعلي ، لتوضيح المزيد ، إذا طلب المستخدم التغيير، يجب تقديم الطلب قبل يومين أو ثلاثة أيام من موعد التسليم الفعلي وقبل الساعة 11:59 مساءً على وجه الدقة.موضح في ملف مزود الخدمة عدد الايام المطلوبة للتغير.


يحق ليوميلز تغير نافذة التوصيل في حال كانت نافذة التوصيل المختارة مزدحمة لضمان خطة السير.



يحق للعميل رفع شكوى على الطلب بعد التوصيل ب 48 ساعة فقط من استلام الوجبة. بعد انتهاء نافذة استقبال الشكاوي يعد الطلب منتهي و ناجح.


سياسة توصيل الوجبات ليوميلز


نظرة عامة على السياسة:


تم تصميم سياسة توصيل الوجبات هذه لتوفير الإرشادات والإجراءات اللازمة لتوصيل الوجبات بنجاح وبكفاءة إلى عملائنا الكرام. هدفنا هو ضمان أن عملية التوصيل آمنة وموثوقة وتُلبي توقعات عملائنا.


1. معلومات العنوان الصحيحة:


يتحمل العملاء مسؤولية توفير معلومات عنوان التوصيل الصحيحة والكاملة عندما يقومون بطلب وجباتهم. وتشمل هذه البيانات رقم المنزل أو المبنى، اسم الشارع، اسم المدينة، الرمز البريدي، صورة للمبنى، وأي تعليمات خاصة بالتوصيل.


سيتم استخدام عنوان التوصيل الذي يقدمه العميل كمرجع أساسي لجميع عمليات التوصيل. يتوجه السائقين باتباع المعلومات المقدمة والاعتماد على أدوات تحديد المواقع أو أدوات الملاحة حسب الضرورة.


في حالة وجود معلومات ناقصة أو غير واضحة بشأن العنوان، يجب على السائقين القيام بمحاولات معقولة للاتصال بالعميل للتوضيح. إذا لم يكن الاتصال ناجحًا، فقد يلجأ السائقون إلى استخدام تقديرهم الأفضل للعثور على العنوان بأمان.


في حالة التوصيل إلى مقر العمل، سيترك السائق الوجبة في الاستقبال ويشعر العميل بوصول الوجبة. لن تتحمل يوميلز أي مسؤولية عن أي خسائر أو أضرار بمجرد تسليمها أو تركها في الاستقبال.


من مسؤولية العميل استلام الوجبة عند ترك الوجبة أمام باب المنزل بسرعة لضمان سلامة الطعام وجودته. لن تتحمل يوميلز أي مسؤولية عن أي خسائر أو أضرار في البضائع بمجرد تسليمها أو تركها أمام باب المنزل.


2. وقت الانتظار عند الوصول:


يُتوقع من السائقين أن يصلوا إلى مكان التوصيل المحدد في إطار زمني معقول وفقًا للوقت المقدر للتوصيل المقدم للعميل.


عند الوصول إلى مكان التوصيل، يُشدد على السائقين بأن ينتظروا لمدة تصل إلى 10 دقائق كحد أقصى لكي يستلم العميل الوجبة. خلال هذا الوقت، يجب على السائقين بذل محاولات معقولة للاتصال بالعميل إذا لم يكونوا قادرين على توصيل الوجبة فورًا.


إذا لم يكن العميل متاحًا أو غير متجاوب بعد انتهاء فترة الانتظار البالغة 10 دقائق، فإن السائق ليس لديه خيار سوى الانتقال إلى العميل التالي وسيتم اعتبار طلبك كأنه تم توصيله إليك.


عدم توصيل الوجبات خلال ظروف الطقس السيئة، وزحمة السير أو الأحداث غير المتوقعة:


في حالة تواجد ظروف جوية سيئة، أو زحمة مرورية شديدة، أو حوادث غير متوقعة يمكن أن تعرض سلامة السائقين أو جودة الوجبة للخطر، يوميلز لا تضمن توصيل الطلبات في هذه الحالات وسيتم اعتبار طلبك كأنه تم توصيله إليك.


4. إخطار العميل:


في الحالات التي لا يمكن فيها الانتهاء من عملية التوصيل بسبب معلومات عنوان غير دقيقة، أو انتظار مُطَوَل، أو ظروف جوية سيئة، سيتم إخطار العميل على الفور بالوضع والخطوات التي يتم اتخاذها لحله.


5. تدوين السجلات:


نحن نحتفظ بجميع السجلات المتعلقة بالتواصل مع العملاء، وتأخير التوصيل، ومشكلات العنوان لاستخدامها في المستقبل وحل النزاعات.


 6. ملاحظات العملاء والدعم:


فريق دعم العملاء لدينا متاح للرد على استفسارات العملاء ومخاوفهم أو النزاعات المتعلقة بتوصيل الوجبات. نشجع العملاء على الاتصال بنا إذا واجهوا أي مشكلة في طلباتهم.


 7. التعديلات:


يوميلز تحتفظ بالحق في إجراء التعديل الكلي أو الجزئي على هذه السياسة في أي وقت، وستبلغك يوميلز بأية تغيرات جوهرية بمجرد إدخالها. وعند وجود أي اختلاف بين النصوص فإن النص العربي يظل هو الأصل في كافة التعاملات.


 8. إخلاء المسؤولية:


لا ولن تطلب يوميلز منك تقديم أي معلومات شخصية أو بيانات الدفع من خلال البريد الإلكتروني.

لا تتحمل يوميلز أي مسؤولية عن أي تكاليف أو رسوم أو مدفوعات تكون نتيجة أي نشاط احتيالي.




  • Empower your logistics operations with the ability to create custom delivery windows.
  • Define your own captain profiles to manage your delivery teams efficiently.
  • Create customized delivery zones tailored to your business needs.
  • Seamlessly associate captains with specific zones to enable automatic assignment for a smoother delivery process.



  1. Plan Activation: A dedicated “Activate” button has been introduced on the plans page, which includes a mandatory confirmation step where users must acknowledge they have reviewed the plan details before activation.
  2. Meal Selection Filter: Users can now filter meals by category within the plan creation, streamlining the selection process.


  1. Error Messages for Compensation Values: Error messaging has been improved to provide clarity on acceptable compensation amounts during complaint resolution.


  1. City Filter for SaaS Financials: A city-based filter feature has been added to the SaaS Financial module, enabling more granular financial analysis.


  1. Suborder Display: The first suborder is now prominently displayed within the suborders table for quick reference.
  2. Delivery Report Tagging: Delivery reports have been enhanced with a new tag to specifically identify first-day orders.

Location & Delivery Window Changes

  • Changing locations or delivery windows depends on the kitchen’s deadline (number of days)

New Dashboard Style

  • Experience a fresh and improved dashboard style designed to enhance user experience and provide valuable insights. Get ready for a more intuitive and informative interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue related to estimated delivery times for sub-orders.
  • Cancellation Calculator: The issue causing inaccuracies in the cancellation calculation has been addressed and resolved.
  • Subscription Notes Update: The functionality for updating subscription notes has been refined for smoother operation.

Mobile Application


Multi-City Support:

  • Seamlessly switch between cities and see restaurant listings accordingly.


  • Enhanced notification center with types, duration indicators, and improved sorting.

User Interface:

  • Introduced a floating tab bar with new stylings.
  • Enhanced home app bar with city indication.
  • Revamped plan card structure and wallet view UI.
  • Introduced blurred container components for a sleek look.
  • Custom splash screen for SaaS apps.

Restaurant Config:

  • Added invoicing options for restaurants.

Plans & Ordering:

  • Improved checkout process with location/city conflict handling.
  • Enhanced location address formulation with alerts and validations.
  • Upfront pickup control and option to freeze/unfreeze subscriptions.
  • Customized delivery window sheet with real-time refresh.


  • Better user experience on changing cities.
  • Updated translations for multiple parts of the app.
  • New supported cities field for restaurants.
  • Revamped delivery window sheet.
  • Enhanced notification bar with duration and offer tags.


  • Addressed issues related to city header attachments.
  • Resolved conflicts between locally saved city and user account.
  • Fixed text overflow issues in the notification bar and plan subtitles.
  • Addressed location selection without moving the map pin.
  • Resolved restaurant view deep link and plan sorting issues.
  • Removed logs and unused code for a cleaner experience.

Maintenance: Updated various internal packages and iOS pods for optimal performance. Implemented changes to support account’s current city. Refactored several parts of the app for better organization and performance.



  • Supporting multiple cities
    • Placing subscriptions in cities other than Jeddah&Makkah
    • Different plan pricing for each city
    • Filter the “Kitchen Report”, “Packaging Report”, and “Orders” by city
  • Placing pickup subscription
  • Sasing creating a captain
  • Add a button to load more plans when
    1. Creating a voucher and choosing a plan scope
    2. Creating a new subscription
  • Add the supported cities in App Config (Yumealz Only)


  • Filter complaints by “complaints to”
  • Prevent adding sub-orders to a finished/canceled subscription
  • The restaurant has the option to support pickup, delivery, or both
  • Added the compensations from yumealz to restaurants in SaaS Financials Report
  • Changed the default filter by service type from Delivery to All (Pick Up and Delivery) in BoQ and Packaging Reports.
  • Showing the status of postponed orders from (canceled by operation/customer) to postponed on the subscription page
  • Changed the restaurant page view into three tabs
    1. General Info
    2. Categories (Menu)
    3. Branches
  • Removed the delivery window from the restaurant form as it is now being retrieved from the restaurant branch
  • Enhance the UX of the Search Component so that text is not removed after hitting enter
  • Limiting Image sizes upload to 1MB
  • Disabling export BoQ before the cut-off
  • Add Delivery Window and Service Type to Packaging Report
  • Changed the packaging report to include the Quantity

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting products
  • Fixed a bug in copying plans
  • Fixed the search for the plan when creating vouchers